Hey there and welcome to Draftdown.

As part of the public alpha we are wanting to tick off the following features:

Improved Exporting

Currently we support exporting to html and word, however certain things could do with improving, such as being able to allow embedding of images/svg elements to make the html more portable, this will also feed in to later features around image folders in projects and exporting.

Exporting PDF

Currently all the functionality is implemented but there is an issue with one of the third party libraries we use, so we are awaiting a fix for that before we push out that functionality. There are workarounds but given its alpha we don't mind waiting for for it, worst case as a work around you can always export html and then print to pdf.

Different Markdown Flavours

Currently we have the logic implemented to enable this, we just have not worked on the front end aspect of how to handle this and how to best expose this functionality to plugins later. Currently we have the default extended markdown flavour which supports most common markdown things as well as math and diagrams, however we also have partial support for LeanPub syntax although it is not configurable via the UI, so this will need to change.

Preliminary Project Support

Currently we only support individual files loaded ad-hoc, however most serious markdown writing uses projects, be it Penflip, LeanPub etc. So we will be wanting to add support for having projects load in their own windows, this will pave the way for specific project formats to cater for folder layouts and notions of specific 3rd party systems, although that part of project work would come at a later stage.

Begin Testing Linux Flavour

Currently we are only developing against windows however we can support all platforms, so we would be looking for testers who use Linux who are happy to have a rough version and provide us feedback for.

We may  add to this as we go, as we will be looking to fix issues and depending upon progress maybe add some other features in earlier, but hopefully once those features are in we will look at moving to a beta stage and then start on some of the pro features such as 3rd party project support, custom themes, plugins etc.