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One-click preview

Because we often use markdown in half screen like this and things always get crowded:

It would be nice if the switch of the preview is moved outside (like the menu bar), and the preview view can be chose as full-size instead of half-windowed

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Just to clarify, are you wanting to be able to hide the editor view and make the preview full screen?

That should be easy enough to do, do you just use it as a markdown viewer rather than an editor? as there is the ability to hide the preview which is more commonly the desired use-case.

Sorry, English is not my mother tongue, maybe I did not make it clear enough. 

During my daily work, I like to put the editor beside other applications and switch off the preview so that the view is less crowded, as shown below:

But I kind of have this habit to check the preview from time to time (wired, I know). So each time, it takes me several steps to take a look at the preview: 

1) enlarge Draftdown to full-screen so that things will not get crowded

2) click on "Settings"

3) enable "Show Preview"

4) check the preview

5) click on "Settings"

6) disable "Show Preview"

7) resize Draftdown back to half-screen and continue editing

So I think if there is a "one-click preview" button outside the menu bar which brings out the preview and hide the editor temporarily (like ReText), it will save lots of clicking for people like me :)

1) keep Draftdown half-screened and enable "Preview"

2) check the preview

3) disable "Preview"

Love Draftdown! Thank you guys! 

"One-click" preview button in ReText:


Ah ok I understand your requirements.

We originally were going to have a toolbar but we decided against it for the most part, now a "quick" fix would be to add a preview button to the footer so you can toggle the fullscreen preview on or off, this could also be added as a keyboard shortcut to allow you to do it without needing to use a mouse.

Let us know your thoughts and we will look at this for one of the next releases.

(Just do you know we are currently re-designing a lot of the underlying tech behind this as it was originally developed as a prototype project, so we need to refine the architecture to allow support for things like plugins. So this is our primary work stream and why we have slowed down the other releases slightly)

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